Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays at the Teach Thought Blog

Thoughtful Thursdays at the Teach Thought Blog

When and how do Connections become "authentic"?

As human beings, connections are a basic need. Connections to places, people and things. Is it a favorite place from our childhood? Is it a favorite blanket or toy that we still have? It it a dear friend or family member that cares about us deeply and who knows us better than we know ourselves? These connections attach to something inside ourselves and bring about pleasant memories, warm emotions and positive affirmations. Seeking out those comforting, trusted places and individuals get us through life, keep us moving forward and are the constants that we tap into as life ebbs and flows. 

Just like personal connections, we have ones in our teaching as well, and they too can become truly meaningful and "authentic". My connections become "authentic" when positive moments and feelings get attached to them. They benefit me and my students and through the build up trust and confidence in that connection, it becomes meaningful and "authentic". I have connections with students that are authentic, connections to great activities/approaches that benefits my classroom and authentic relationships with colleagues who offer me wise advise that I use every day. These "authentic" connections help me be a better teacher every day.

Do you have great connections in your teaching- why makes then authentic for you?


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