Monday, March 14, 2016

Play it Forward MIssion #3

Trash to Treasure!

For this Sneaky Cards mission, I did an upcycling task. I decided to take some old soup and veggie cans out of the cupboard, (there were some prefect ones in there WAY past the expiration date. I need to get better at using what I have in there!) , empty them out and re purpose them into a nice Spring craft.

I picked out 4 cans that provided me with nice variety of shape and size. Over a couple of days in between working and papers, I was able to clean out the cans, fill them with river stones and fake succulents and finish off the outside with some really fun adhesive moss and jute twine. Thank you Michael's! These cans went from blah to being a nice zen centerpiece for Spring.  

I made 3 for myself and will give 1 away with the Play It Forward card. Who am I going to give my upcycling craft to? I think this little garden oasis is going to go to one of the awesome secretaries at school who always brighten my day. I can't think of anyone more deserving than Mary A.!  

These once expired cans now have a new lease on life!

Play it Forward Mission #2

I decided to leave this beauty on Row G Seat 6 of a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Indianapolis.As I scoped out the free seats I quickly found one in between a man and the window. He saw me lean into the row, and thought that I wanted to sit there, but...I gave him a head shake indicating that I was not needing him to make room for me. I quickly tossed the card on the seat as he looked at me quizzically. I turned around and immediately found my seat and did not look back to see who picked it up, nor if they were going to play along with my game. I do hope it brightened their day a bit.