Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Play it Forward Mission #1

Hello's been a while. I found a new adventure recently that I hope to document here! 

How did another thing come to land on my plate? A curious card tagged to our department bulletin board...where did it come from and who put it there? It said "Tag this card to a community bulletin board." After some searching online, I learned the card comes from a game called "Play it Forward"- an interactive game containing cards each having individual mission objectives to inspire fun, quirky, and social interactions. I loved its advertisement line of "Be a secret agent of joy". I am in!  

My mission that I took on today was to place this card in a locker. Check. That's easy being in a school setting...let me just walk down the hall here a little bit it is. The locker.

Why did I choose this locker? Because the last four digits are the same as my school ID number, a number that I have had as part of my professional identity for 26 years here at YHS. I love this school and I hope the student who crams all his/her books in here does as well. As I place the card in the locker, I envision the student with a surprised look, followed by a curious investigation of the card and then finally a smile.

Enjoy, Locker A2- 0502. I hope that you take a moment to pass this card along to someone else to brighten their day.

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