C The Beauty

Holiday 2015
Great Horned Owls that have live in our area. If I see them, I know all is well.

Fall 2015

I recently did a blog post on diversity. These colored pencils and an overlay with app Fused were perfect!

Who doesn't love a cookie, especially these ones I made? Look at how pretty they turned out!

Always remember to keep things light and fun.

Some of my colleagues- beautiful people both inside and out! 

This is my mantra for this school year.
Return to school return to awesome students!

Boy, my pictures of Switzerland are really getting used for inspiration!

Summer 2015

Hiking along the Laveaux wine Terraces along the shores of Lake Geneva 

More hiking on trails around the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland
Nephew Charlie in the pool. I love my new camera that allows underwater pics!
My camera also has a micro feature. This is a small snail I found when hiking. Beautiful little thing!
Having time off means I have time for other loves- like baking!

March 2015

Today was a beautiful day for a peaceful walk in the woods!

February 2015

It's cold outside...time for some warm cookies!

After a winter snow storm, there is beauty in the details.

January 2015
Sunsets are beautiful, but what about sunrises?

Are you looking at the world with 20/20 vision?

Its snowing at 4 a.m.!

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