Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday at the TeachThought Blog

Thoughtful Thursday at the TeachThought Blog

Why is it important to be connected as an educator?

If you read this great image above, it pretty much says it all. The importance of connection to other educators, organizations and educational movements is integral to moving forward as educators, to being even better than we are today.

It is through my connections that I am able to keep up to date on new language approaches. My connected "amigos" give me ideas for use in my classroom and they many times confirm that I am not alone in my daily struggle to create students that are independent thinkers and self-reliant. Their positive comments and sugestions help me to tackle tomorrow with a renewed spirit, to get on my horse once again and fight those windmills just like Don Quijote did. The Cervantes symbolism still works in 2014.

I am learning new things every day from my connected friends and it also feels really great to be able to share what I know, share something that worked for me, or support them with a kind word or caring comment. It is infectious to learn alongside other dedicated and outgoing teachers.

So thank you PLN for helping me be the best I can be! 

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