Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays at the Teach Thought Blog

Thoughtful Thursdays at the Teach Thought Blog

This is October and it is Connected Educator Month!  I am happy and honored to be working with Justine Hughes again to help lead teachers in reflecting upon their practice and deepening connections with other around the globe. September was a great ride and I am ready for October!

We begin the month with a Thoughtful Thursday Blog Post centered on the question of:

"What does connected education look like?"

We all love strong connections. Connections bring us love, laughter and (in the case of my husband and the many people he knows) sometimes free/reduced price items or events! And I do love me a good wi-fi connection as well. Lots of bars, no lag time, no waiting, no awkward moments, no missed opportunities. Paradise.

A wi-fi connection allows me to have strong connections to the world outside my classroom and building. Don't get me wrong, I have connections with many wonderful people in my school, but my outside connections online have strengthened my teaching immensely. And this is what connected education is all about-being members of groups, chats, wikis, book clubs, nings, etc. where we gather together as educators and talk about our successes and failures, our dreams, our wish lists, our bucket lists

My connection to others outside the building gives me a lifeline to resources and support and encouragement to keep being the best teacher I can be. For all of the people that have helped me, thank you! For all the ones moving along with Justine and I on our October journey at the TeachThought Community Wiki, I hope that you feel a part of our community!

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