Friday, September 19, 2014

Teach Thought 30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 19

Teach Thought 30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 19

I try and use a variety of feedback that is ongoing and meaningful in my class. It can be exit slips I ask students to fill out before they leave, data streaming into my computer from student response system activities, a simple thumbs up/down from students, a conversation after class or my personal comments on how they can improve their proficiency and electronic portfolios that I am piloting this year

Whatever the approach, there are 3 things that need to remain constant:

Feedback must be Perpetual and it must be Personal.

The only way that my students are going to gain confidence in their use of the target language is by thinking about what they are doing, receiving/giving feedback using a variety of sources, and incorporating those all into a plan of action for the future. Including opportunities for feedback at least a couple of times into your class hour will help students take their temperature often and diagnose their progress learning the language.

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