Monday, September 15, 2014

Teach Thought 30 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 15

Teach Thought 30 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 14

What are my five biggest strengths as an educator?

1. I have a love of reading and because of this I have been able to learn about new initiatives, stay up to date on new approaches and incorporate them into my curriculum. I can't imagine someone being a teacher and not liking to read!

2. I have a high level of focus.  I am able to set a goal and work towards it without getting distracted from the end in sight. I find that I am usually the person to be called in to clean up messes, re-do curriculum after it has been let go for years, re-direct programs and kick start new initiatives. Sometimes I get frustrated at that, but hey, that is one of my gifts.

3. I am young at heart.Working around teenagers for 24 years gives me a fresh outlook on life, inside information to the latest trends. I can't imagine working in an office cubicle. Teaching revitalizes me, the students make me laugh, and the school years seem to fly by.

4. I have grit. Maybe this is what they call "spunky" or my "German heritage" but boy, do I have this. And it is the characteristic I am the most proud of. I don't give up, I find a way to reach my goals and to be happy. I think having a high level of focus (my #2) helps with this as well. 

5. I have an adventuresome spirit. I like new things, I get bored easily and I love a challenge, so I will try anything once! This helps in school because teachers need to be up on the latest, especially with technology and it helps to want to discover new things!

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