Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TeachThought 30 Day Blogger Challenge - Day 16

TeachThought 30 Day Blogger Challenge - Day 16

Superpower, you say in the classroom?

I already believe myself to be WonderWoman in my personal and professional life. I am able to juggle many different things at the same time. Sometimes I am more successful than at other times, but I believe in keeping going, moving forward, being the best I can be.

So in being WonderWoman, I also have my magic lasso of truth with my outfit. I think that would come in quite handy in the classroom. I could lasso students and colleagues and find out how much they studied, what really happened with the incident, get at the core of the truth instead of dancing around the issue which leaves me tired and frustrated.  

Also, I would have those nifty bracelet cuffs that deflect anything that comes my way. That would be great in those moments when I am thrown curve balls and am not quite prepared for the moment. You changed my schedule at the last moment? Pow! Find a way to get 5 things done in 1 hour? Kablam! Give timely feedback to 90 students by tomorrow? Shazam!  I could have rally used those in a couple of moments this year!

Actually, I don't require the outfit to be Wonder Woman. Quite honestly, I don't have the hourglass figure for that outfit anyhow!

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