Sunday, September 14, 2014

Teach Thought 30 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 14

Teach Thought 30 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 14

Don't you just hate it when the cable signal goes out?
Suddenly, you get this...

You've seen it. That annoying feedback called 

This is what our feedback sometimes looks like to our students. 
It's confusing, colorless, has no clear picture and then *click*, students shut the message off.

Feedback comes in many forms. Some teachers like to write comments in the margin of a paper. Other instructors like Web 2.0 Tools that provide them with a easy,quick turnaround on communicating student progress. Still others (and I do like the personal touch) like to dialogue with the student one-on-one away from the classroom and give them personalized feedback and work to develop them as students and individuals, those deeper connections that students crave. 

My point here? Whatever way we choose to give feedback to our students, we need to make sure that it is timely, detailed and colorful. That way students get a clearer picture of their current level of performance. They know exactly where they stand in the course, they know what they need to improve, they see areas where they really did well and receive specific suggestions to move forward in their learning.

So here's to clearing up the feedback that we are sending out to our students. Let's move away from white noise towards some high-definition feedback that they will stay tuned into!

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  1. A wonderful analogy! And important things to keep in mind with all of our communications with students. Thanks!