Sunday, November 30, 2014

Reflective Teacher at TeachThought- November Blog Challenge- Day 30

Gratitude #30- Being Able to Pay it Forward

Through this month of blogging about gratitude, I have arrived at a deeper understanding of how many good things that I have in my life. I am a talented teacher, have a wonderful family and supportive friends, as well as amazing teachers that I met through the #reflectiveteacher wiki that I consider valued colleagues even though they are not in my building. I am a very lucky lady. I am blessed with good health, a stable job and a roof over my head which many others in this world might not have. The key to being grateful is to find ways to 

So someone today mentioned in their post about "paying it forward" and then I remembered this wonderful movie of the same name a few years ago. This idea behind the "pay it forward" movement from the movie is simple: Help 3 people that might not/can't help themselves, asking only in return that they in turn help 3 other people...spreading acts of kindness forward without anything in return. I love the idea...Check out the video.

With holiday season upon us, it is very easy to find ways to help out someone else, someone in need, someone alone, someone sick or suffering, maybe even a stray pet like my little Oliver that I rescued before Xmas. I hope to find a moment here and there where I can help someone out this holiday season, but my goal would be to find those moments all year always be grateful for what I have....and to share what I have with others without asking for anything in return.

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