Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reflective Teacher at TeachThought November Blog Challenge- Day 5

One of my characteristics I am most grateful for is having lots of determination and grit. For me, it's about not losing sight of the end goal. It's about not giving up when things get tough. Grit is courage and strength of character to keep moving forward. I have a lot of passion when it comes to my personal and professional goals and my perserverance has benefited me as teacher and the students that I teach.

This part of my personality comes from being raised in a large family. As indicated from the title of my blog, I am in the middle of the pack of six children! I loved growing up in a large family and there was always lots of excitement going on and thank you dear Mom and Dad, for raising us with lots of love! If you are from a large family as well you know this is a busy environment and being heard happened by talking really loud, causing a ruckus or by quietly accomplishing great things. I chose the latter.

So everyone's life is full of curve balls, but it is how you deal with the unexpected that defines who you are. I choose to set sail with my ship on calm waters but also to  navigate the stormy seas of life's disappointments in my tiny boat knowing that I will come out of the storms wiser and stronger, makes me a stronger and more confident  teacher. 

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