Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Reflective Teacher at TeachThought-November Blog Challenge- Day 25

Gratitude #25 – Letting Go

Something physical I need to let go?...I have quite a few (although nicely organized) papers, handouts and ideas accumulated from 25 years of teaching.  I put my pic in a sepia tone to further enhance the "old school" idea...

"Out with the old and in when the new!"

Need to work more towards moving my ideas into cloud-based storage! These pic is colorful to represent the new, fresh approaches to keeping all my "stuff". Now, just to find the time to make the massive conversion.

Something personal I need to let go?...thinking that I have never done enough, that I could have just done one more thing, that I should have been more prepared in the classroom and with my lessons or planning. In the end it has caused me lots of stress and sleepless nights. I need to finish, leave, end something confident that I have done my best instead of doubtful that it is not interesting, wonderful or engaging for my students.
Because you know what? I am interesting, wonderful, and engaging and it about time I be kinder to myself and give myself a break every now and then:)

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