Thursday, November 13, 2014

Reflective Teacher at TeachThought November Blog Challenge- Day 13

How do I unplug?
I admit it, unplugging is hard for me. Somehow I feel I function better when I am "on", and I get a lot of gratitude out of accomplishing stuff. I love setting goals, getting that end in my sight and then going all out. Every summer I turn off of school and that is pretty hard for me, this having absolutely nothing to do in a day. I feel like a turtle on its takes some time and I eventually settle in to letting the day unfold and enjoy whatever comes its way.

Here are somethings that help me unplug and enjoy the present moment:

1. reading books- they help me mind to focus on things other than school
2. going with my husband anywhere in our old car. A sweet 55 Chevy. 
3. crafting, creating something
4. sitting on our front porch watching the world, listening to the sounds
5. taking a solitary walk in a forest preserve. It is at this time that I talk to loved ones that have passed on
6. spending time with my family
7. Boot Camp- thank you to my Boot Camp  for pushing more than I would do on my own. 
How do you unplug? 


  1. I also feel out of sorts when not "on," and I fully relate to that upside down turtle phenomenon. You definitely described my experience about "settling in" to stretched of downtime. Here's to unplugging!

  2. This used to be me until I got sick last year. I don't think I ever stopped - not even for holidays. The experience last year taught me a valuable lesson - make time to stop. Life's far too short. :-) Making time to unplug is crucial.