Sunday, September 21, 2014

Teach Thought 30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 21

Teach Thought 30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 21

These are some of the things that I like to participate in outside of school:

Any language teacher is a huge travel aficionado, so I always love to talk in the target language with my students about interesting places that I have visited or that are on my bucket list. I hope that I bring out in them a joy of discovery and global connections.

I also love sports and try and pull that into conversations or activities whenever I can because I know that I am tapping into the interests of my students. I hope that it helps them to make better connections to the material being studied and pay attention just a little bit more during the class hour!

I am a techy geek, so with the 1:1 movement and the wealth of 2.0 Tools out there, I am able to pull in that love to class, let my creative side go wild alongside it, and have fun right alongside my students as they create with the language.

And finally, I am a big reader and I want to encourage every young person to pick up a book and get lost in that world. I have a section called "I am currently reading..." on my class webpage where I share with my students the book I am reading at the time. I am trying to be a positive example to them and show them that it is cool to read!

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