Sunday, August 31, 2014

Boot Camp for Bloggers!

Tomorrow I finally get to begin the 30 day Blogger Challenge over at the Te@achThought Community Wiki! 

This reminds me of my Saturday morning Boot Camp group (and that's a good thing!) because I am going to "working out" daily to build my strength and endurance through a series of thoughtful prompts. It is a commitment I am making to think about my teaching, learn from others and have a little fun along the way, of course!   

Saturday Boot Camp Crew!
The blogging challenge is going to be a great reflective activity for everyone. I know that I am going to learn new things from those participating and get to know them better as teachers and individuals! I want to sincerely thank my awesome new colleague Justine Hughes ,Teacher and Educational Consultant, and creator of the Te@chThought Community Wiki for managing the different time zones and collaborating with me to bring one of my ideas to reality for everyone. I continue to enjoy working with you- so lucky to have joined your Twitter chat #ttchat that one Spring evening this past May!

You can jump in on the 30 Day Blogger Challenge even after the Sept. 1 start date. Come visit the page, sign up, grab your own copy of the cool badge (like mine on the left) to shout out to everyone that you are a participant and get started! It's never too late to start growing both personally and professionally!


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  1. I'm so excited to be starting this challenge too Beth. I'm enjoying getting to know you - it's great to have another passionate educator on board. The next month is going to be so exciting!