Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Considering other possibilities...

Given an emergency situation/evacuation at your home, 
what 3 cherished items would you take with you?

To wrap up the last week before Spring Break and end on a techy note, I took my Spanish 4h students to the Mediascape lab where they thought about this same question and what they would do. (Yes, we were studying the conditional!)

The Mediascape once again provided that rich environment for my students to create and collaborate. All I had to do to get this activity up and running was to create a Google Presentation, include the directions on the title slide, model a slide with my own ideas and share it with them. Then, each student authored 1 individual slide of the presentation, filling it in with pictures representing items they would take with them (some were even their own they had creatively downloaded- go students go!). Some even want farther and personalized their slide with different backgrounds and transitions to show off their individual likes and preferences.

Once the techy piece was in place, the students were able to move into presentation mode and share in the target language the items they would take with them and why with their table mates. So much conditional tense happening in the room it brought a smile to my face! This activity was great because it asked students to use the language to communicate about a real-world situation!

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