Monday, April 28, 2014

Celebrating Students!

As teachers, we live for those moment when we can celebrate our students. It makes all the long days and seemingly endless journeys of piles of homework/work to grade that we all take together worth it. I have been blessed to work with high school students for 24 years and I look forward to when we can come together as the York Family and celebrate our accomplishments, to shed light on all those excellent students of the Spanish language. One celebration that is always very special to me is the National Spanish Honorary Society Ceremony held every spring here at York High  School.

Ever since I arrived to this school many year ago, this ceremony has always been a night time event, a formal affair where everyone dresses up, classical music is played by students and new Spanish students are inducted into the Spanish Honorary Society in a solemn ceremony. I love it- it reminds me of just how classy York High School is. The York family places a lot of value on celebrating excellence in our school and I love every minute of the busy Spring season of honoring all of the great things they have accomplished. These students deserve nothing else. I am especially going to miss my group of Spanish AP seniors as they graduate this year and head off to conquer the world- they are a talented bunch of young men and women!

Reflect on how you celebrate students...A formal ceremony? A kind word? A pick-me-up post-it note on their desk? A smile as they walk through the door? A high five after a job well done? Whatever it is, a kind word or gesture goes a long way for each individual in our classroom. Be it a large event or a small act of kindness, every student will appreciate being valued for their talents and contributions to the school and your classroom throughout the school year. Each student is amazing in their own special way- don't forget to celebrate them every day and let them know!    

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