Thursday, September 10, 2015

“A” Stands For... Adventure

“A” Stands For... Adventure

This is my mantra for the year. 
I believe that as a #reflectiveteacher I benefit from looking back and reflecting on my profession and personal life. I can learn from my mistakes, see where there us room for improvement, make a plan for improvement and right the ship.
BUT there are benefits to looking forward and embracing the unknown which holds loads of wonderful surprises and unexpected moments. True, the unknown is scary for people. And I would include myself in that group. But I am learning that leaning in, being in the moment with that fear,getting through it (and yes, it might be messy) leads to more confidence, new friendships and even more adventures ahead.
My new adventures this year which I am jumping into? 

  • Working to open the classroom walls and connect my students to others. 
  • Documenting my teaching more this year. I discovered that picture taking is really fun.Students love to see students!
  • Exploring more paper-less apps in my classes
  • Continue leading the #reflectiveteacher online community with other great instructors.They support me and are just as adventurous as I am!
  • Develop my leadership abilities with my new team of 10 online instructors at Illinois Virtual School. Grateful for this opportunity to lead. Love those teachers, and I am proud to say that we won the team challenge this year. Go Team Green!
What does the letter "A" stand for you? Where is your adventure path taking you to?

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