Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jumping Forward in Time

It's August for me. Yes, I said it. The A word. Words that a teacher does not like to hear...emitting sights and sounds of books, desks, computers, students, bells, conversations and yes...a busy school day. Well, the calendar may not say it, but it is August over here with the collaborative gang as we gear up for the Raves at #reflectiveteacher Blogging Event. I hope that you can join me and the other wonderful teachers that will be participating, reflecting and sharing our favorites from this past year of teaching. 

How does this work, you say? During the month of May, visit the Smore here, and blog about your Raves using the prompts of the week and the #reflectiveteacher hash tag for everyone to see the goodness. Sharing your favorites from the school year is what we all need to do NOW instead of in August.

Why is thinking about next year's students always in style? 
C'mon being a great #reflectiveteacher you know that...  

1. Collaborating with your PLN is neverending. As the end of the school year is approaching for many of us around the world, we should be networking more than ever to hear what worked and what did not work this year for teachers and their students. Take the summer to mull them over, give them a test run and be ready in August for a super-charged classroom!

2. It's important to go into August being different from last year! Take the time to think deeply about how to incorporate that new approach or to ponder how you can make better cross-curricular connections you made over the year. Please throw away that lesson plan book or use it sparingly at it as you plan for a new year. Kids change from year to year and so should our teaching! 

3. Get new Ideas now, practice when no one is looking! You know that cool new tech tool you were wowed with at the last conference? Now is the time to learn it, practice with it and commit errors with it before you roll it out to your students. Learn the tool so that they can learn the tool. This summer is looks like

Making your connections and sharing your ideas now is a great way to keep the learning, connecting and growing continuing even after the doors close to the building! Find your August today! 

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