Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

We all make those New Year goals to eat a little cleaner, work out a little more, get a bit more sleep. It is the time of the year when the gyms are packed with people who are looking to turn over a new leaf and become more fit, more toned, stronger or faster. Today the boxing/boot camp I attend was full of people eager to sweat it out and do what is needed to become better physically. It's good to see the space filled and I hope that it continues on like that for a long time. I don't mind making some room for someone else who's there to change and grow physically. Let's put the same energy into improving what we do in the classroom as well

What is one area I know I need to work on in my teaching? What actions am I going to take to improve?

This year I really let go of parent communication. It was a plate that got dropped not because I don't think that it is important but because well honestly, I just did not have any more room and there was so much to juggle. Just like a good boot camp, no excuses. I have a plan to use a Smore poster as a fun way to communicate what is going on in the classroom with the parents- i hope that working with a new 2.0 Tool will help me get back in the groove of sharing more of what's happening with my parents!


  1. Absolutely agree! Hard part-what do parents want to know-what is enough? too much? and when do we have the time. Great goal!

  2. Love your goal Beth! One of the best thing's I've done to keep parents informed about what we're doing is to have a class blog. Started doing this back in 2010 and it really made a difference. There was a lot of teaching and learning around what makes an 'effective blog' and we looked at quite a few. I posted, but many of my students were also authors on the blog - that right had to be earned though. This took some of the pressure off when trying to manage this aspect of learning and teaching.