Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Updating in Progress...

How many updates do you perform on your computer to keep it running smoothly? Probably every couple of weeks there is something that needs your attention or something that the tech department at school want you to do, some button to hit to update the system and its programs. And don't forget, it is highly recommended that you turn over your laptop to the tech department during the summer so that they can really clean up things and install newer version of programs/apps that keep your teaching day running smooth. Why should teachers be any different than those machines we take care of?

How am I going to update myself professionally and with what resources?

Last year and this year I am trying to read more books related to my teaching. This has been helpful to keep me informed of the latest best practices so that when they make it to our school I have some knowledge of the approach/theory and am much more at ease with incorporating it into my teaching. I never used to do much reading on the craft of teaching until I saw that one of my administrators has quite a nice book shelf full of professional reads and when I would go down to his office to work with him on technology, he would encourage me to check a book out of the "library".  Thank you Chris for being such a great leader and encouraging me to learn and think more about the hot topics in education and how they affect what I do in the classroom every day.

Even though these books are not as entertaining as say, a good murder mystery or the years Pulitzer Prize winner that you just can't put down, professional reads give me great food for thought and keep the core of my teaching (my hard drive) updated and running smooth throughout the year!

Comeback and check out my virtual library that I soon will be adding to my blog, full of things I am reading. This "update" to my blog is a thank you to Tim Jeffries @tjjteacher, a tweep that I met through the TeachThought blog challenges!


  1. Totally agree with you on the reading.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Isn't there something just wonderful about cuddling up somewhere and really digging into a professional practices book? That is an enjoyable way to refresh a skill set.