Thursday, January 15, 2015

Show Me and I Learn


Describe a cross-curricular relationship that surprised you and made you a stronger teacher.

If you are a language teacher you are all about culture. And one part of culture I really like is art. I get to talk about Picasso, Dali, Valazquez, Remedios Varo, El Greco, Kahlo, Rivera, Botero and many others in a year. Exposing students to art not only expands their understanding of the Spanish language but also encourages them to use the language with higher thinking skills for expression of opinions, comparisons, and theorizing. 

Even though all that talk in class is great for students to learn, I know that many students learn better my being active as well. I wanted the students to create their own piece of art as well, and so I teamed up with the Art Department to use some of their supplies and area for students to paint a typical Spanish tile called an "azulejo". Not only were students learning about this type of decorative, geometric tile that comes from the Arabic cultural influence in Spain, but they were designing, creating their own and having fun.

The Art Department generously offered their space, brushes and space so that we could so this. All I did was buy the paint and tiles for the students! Art teachers also stopped by and were encouraging the students and supported them in their new, blossoming art talents and possible careers!

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  1. Isn't it delicious how we and the students feel like we are "getting away with something" when we can incorporate these strategic inclusions into our content? I smiled the whole time I read this Beth!