Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Is There an Easy Way?

What is one area of digital learning that you want to improve on in 2015? How are you going to do this?

Yes, another blog prompt that involves technology! If I had to choose one area that I would like to learn more about in terms of digital learning, then I would have to say I would like to find a way that I can get students to reflect on their own learning within a digital environment. I already have the students reflecting on their learning, but I am looking to cut down the amount of paper involved in the process. I am currently playing around with e-portfolios, but that requires me to visit each portfolio. Too many clicks, pages, links for me. I would like something that would come to my inbox instead of me going out to the sites. 

Maybe a Google Form? Maybe a Google Table where students fill in their reflections and I all have to do is go and visit that page? Ideas anyone? Just looking for a way to make a student reflection piece more of a regular process in the class for the students, and also be an easy item to add on to my plate :) It is a work in progress. I like the students, am continuing to reflect on this!         


  1. Beth
    Thanks for sharing
    Google Forms and surveys are great. Do you have a class blog. I know teachers that have set up reflection blogs and students needed to comment on the blogs.

  2. I've been using class blogs and individual blogs for student reflection since 2010 and wouldn't swap them for the world. Different tools such as Padlet can be added to and embedded in the blog as a different form of reflection as well. One of the advantages with blogs is that they provide a fantastic portfolio of learning over time and students can receive feedback from a wide range of audiences. If it's mostly student feedback, along with teacher feedback, then the skills of how to provide that feedback must be taught first so that it's meaningful and impacts learning and teaching. :-)
    We also used a blog for our Literature Circles programme and that was incredibly successful for gaining a deeper understanding of texts read.