Monday, November 17, 2014

Reflective Teacher at TeachThought- November Blog Challenge- Day 17

We all are know that dwelling on the past, looking backwards in your the rear-view mirror of your car as your travel along the highway of life is not good for your well-being. You don't see where you are going, you only keep looking at where you came from and places that you are never going to return to. I feel like I was reminded of that lesson many times this year.

1. I gained some diverse experience working in my content area outside of the classroom. This past summer I involved myself in grading National Board Certification portfolios in my content area. It really gave me confidence and reinforced what an accomplished language teacher looks like. And I met some great people during the two weeks- hope to see them again in July 2015!

2. I have become more confident in sharing my ideas and speaking to teachers about how to infuse more tech into their teaching. That feels amazing!

3. I am no longer paralyzed with thinking about what I "should be doing" in my school and building, but now think about what I "want to do" and what gives me joy.  With teaching in the little time that I have left over from 5 classes and 125 students and an online class of 30 students.

4. I continue to grow in patience and flexibility with the students. A little break here and there for a student, a second chance,...someone gave me a big second change many years ago so I figure I am just paying it forward. Thank you Linda.

So here to celebrating some ways that I am different as a teacher from a year ago. Some of the leaps I took control of myself, some of the lessons were given to me by those that watch over me and guide me- definitely not my choice, but I see now it was all for the best. I ended up happy with all of them and I keep moving forward, always forward.

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