Friday, September 12, 2014

TeachThought 30 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 12

TeachThought 30 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 12

How do I envision my teaching changing in 5 years?

I am a fan of anything tech. I really wish Mom would not have gotten rid of that Atari we had growing up. When I was young, I went to game rooms in the 80s and played Galaga and Tetris with a handful of quarters for hours. I love gadgets, love to play with gadgets and like to stay informed of new trends and how they affect the way we all live, learn and play. I believe in embedding the tools/approaches into my curriculum to better reach my students and help prepare them for the future. 

Where would I like to see myself in 5 years? In a paperless environment out in cyberspace. I want to participate in an online anywhere/anytime environment where students are guiding their own learning, going at their own pace and going out and interacting with information instead of waiting for it to come to them. 

I hope to have an online classroom where I am not in a school building anymore. I want to deliver my lessons to the students from the comfort of my own home and hold virtual office hours and hangouts where students can chat in the language, get answers to their questions, and move forward with the material when they are ready to. I have started in that direction as I teach some online courses for at-risk students or students who don't have language programs in their school. I would like to see this initiative expanded and embraced by more schools.

In 5 years, I hope that we look to expand virtual educational settings more for students. Let's embrace the future and look at online education as a viable option for all students and not as a threat to teacher jobs!

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